Every Prophet of Allah Subhanah who was sent on earth came with the same message of Tauheed or Islamic Monotheism to guide people to leave aside all their other self-invented gods, and invoke and worship the One True Lord and Creator Alone! They invited their people to the One Creator with logic, and reasoning, and patience; some believed, but most of the arrogant people disbelieved in their Mission and their Message!
The real question, thus should be, why do people invoke or worship idols, graves, images, objects of nature, or any other objects and beings instead (or with) Allah Subhanah??? These idols or graves by itself never can guide, nor create anything, nor can help, nor can hear, nor can they do anything for themselves or the ones who invoke them! Then why invoke or worship them when they can do nothing, absolutely nothing!

Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 26 Surah Shuaraa verse 69-82:
And tell them the story of Ibrahim, when he asked his father and his people: “What are these things that you worship?” They answered, “These are idols which we worship and we serve them devotedly.”
Ibrahim asked, “Do they hear you when you call on them? Or do they bring any good or harm to you?” They replied, “No, but we have found our elders doing the same.”
At this, Ibrahim said, “Have you ever seen with open eyes the things which you and your elders have been worshipping? They are all enemies to me, except the One Lord of the Worlds, Who created me, then He it is Who guides me, Who gives me food and drink, and Who gives me health when I am ill, Who will cause me to die and then will give me life again, and of Whom I expect that He will forgive me my errors on the Day of Judgment.”

Omfg… Really? “Ibrahim asked, “Do they hear you when you call on them? Or do they bring any good or harm to you?” They replied, “No…” Muslims pray to a box… (Wtf is mecca) Does the box reply to your prayers?! Does your supreme allah talk back to YOU?! I fucking hate posts like these. You need to put down other religions to make yours seem like a better one. See, i dont need to prove anything to you. I have my own beliefs and this shitty post wont make me convert… Why cant you just accept people, leave them in peace and let them decide what they want to follow. Its one thing to educate them but another to impose on them and spread lies. You dont even fucking know what these “idols” represent. I highly suggest you do some research before posting this crap. I honestly only have one problem with this post- its trying to convince me why my beliefs are wrong and why i should be like you. I can find a billion flaws in your belief system, but unlike you, i don’t feel the need to show off my religion or convert others bc i accept them for who they are and their beliefs. I respect their choices and so should you.

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